Sage HRMS Dynamic Forms Checklist

May 26, 2016

This high level overview will show you how employees and new hires can access and fill out forms such as onboarding paperwork and annual performance reviews from an easy to access list of forms that have been tailored to their requirements.

If employees or prospective employees log on to self-service, and quickly see a display of all the forms they need to complete for HR. Employees can quickly and easily select, edit, and save the forms that they need. Managers and HR can worry less about chasing down employees to make sure that they complete the right forms. New hires will see a list of forms that they need to complete to finish the on-boarding process.

In this example, you can see that some of the forms are on “Draft” status, some have not been started, and some are completed. As an example, let’s take a look at the I-9 by selecting “Edit.” You can see the form instructions and see that employee information is pulled directly from Sage HRMS so there is no duplicate entry.

The employee simply goes through and fills out the required information including the documentation, signs the document, and then it goes through the routing process. It can either be saved as a draft, or the action can be completed. The same thing can be done with W-4 information. The new hire will complete the information, it will go through the routing process, and the action will be initiated.

The “Payroll – Bank Direct Deposits Enrollment/Change” form can be completed as well. In this example, the “Non-Disclosure” and “Handbook Acknowledgments” have both been signed off on by the employee and routed to the HR department automatically.

If the employee is in the performance appraisal process, the performance form can be added to this checklist and easily filled out by the employee as well as their manager. Again, the information is pulled directly from Sage HRMS, comments can be added, and our scoring system can be used as well. This is just one of the forms that can be created if your organization includes goals and planning for that along with the performance appraisal process that can be included on here as well.

As a form is filled out and submitted, employees are shown it’s up to date status so they can track the approval process and know which forms they still need to complete. Using a tool like dynamic forms checklist for Sage HR Actions will streamline your forms management and make completing forms even easier.

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