Scissortail HCM

Human Capital Management. Simplified. With Scissortail HCM.

July 28, 2017

Great demo that shows the finest features of Scissortail HCM by UKG, formerly Kronos

Scissortail HCM is a software solution useful for HR and Payroll teams that are powered by UKG, formerly Kronos. UKG, formerly Kronos, has been in the industry since 1977 and offers some of the industry’s most capable tools and services to empower and equip your workforce! Scissortail streamlines the application process, provides a wealth of data for managers, and ultimately gives control of business back to you! Scissortail is easy to use, easy to implement, and flexible to fit your specific needs! Listen in on this webcast and go to the Scissortail website to learn more!


A Few Features:

-         Mass Email Templates

-         Excel Export Capabilities

-         Application Process Tracking

-         Geo-spatial Taxing Automation

-         Over 150 Standard Reports

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