HR Actions Wizard Creating Online Forms

June 16, 2016

From the HR actions and administration page under “Forms” we are going to click on “Build” to do an “Internal Job Transfer Request.” Because I am working from a template, I already have some form instructions. I’m going to click the little pencil besides “Form Instructions” and just paste those in. Once I have the format correct I am just going to click the “X” out of there. You can add a “Footer Text” if you would like, but we are going to skip that today.

We are going to leave the “Form Type” as “Existing Employee.” We are going to say that it “can be employee-initiated” as well as “accessible to supervisor” and “accessible to universal initiator.” We are also going to “repopulate required fields with current values on first load” and then start the “O approver sequence with the employee’s primary supervisor” as well as “insert the employee’s primary supervisor as the O1 approver.” Once we have that complete we are going to click “Next.” Add in the “initiated date” as well as allowing employees to upload a file because we want them to add their resume to this form. We are not going to make this required in case they want to give us a paper copy instead.

Click “next” and we are going to add in some fields under “Current Job.” Select “current job code” as well as their “job start date” because we don’t want them to edit those fields but keep them as “Read-Only.” Then below in “Job Organization” we are going to add in their “Current Job Department” with “Job Division” and their “Job Location.” Again, add those as “Read-Only.” We are also going to add their “Primary Supervisor” and make that “Read-Only” as well. Once we have that complete we are going to scroll to the bottom and click “Next.”

We don’t have any defaults on the next screen that we want to adjust so we are going to hit “Next” again. Now, for the user defined fields we do have a couple that we want to add. Select a separator to separate this information out, then all the way down to a user defined textbox that isn’t being used. Highlight that and type “Position Applying For” and also add it to the description. Add one more textbox for “Additional Comments.” We also want them to sign this form so scroll down until you find “employee signature” and the “last 4 digits SSN.” We want those to be required so select the check box on the right-hand side. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Next.”

We are going to rearrange a couple of things. We are going to put the “Start Date” at the top to make sure that they are eligible to apply for another position, and then we are going to leave everything else the same and click “Next.”

At the “Operational Level” we will change it to “1” because we know we want their supervisor to approve this form, but we do not need “Executive Level” and we will reduce “HR” level back down to “1.” Once we have that complete, we are going to scroll down and make sure that we have the form date active as of today and click “Finish.”

Once you click “Finish” we can preview that form to make sure that it looks just how we would want it to. Now we can grant access by clicking “Attach to All Notes” and it will give access to all our locations once we hit “Submit.”

Once we have that completed, we are going to make sure that we can process the form as an employee. Log in to the employee self-service, initiate a new action for yourself, and I am going to scroll down to “internal job transfer request” and click “Submit.”

I’m going to make sure everything looks just like we’d want it to and see that they have the opportunity to add the position they are applying for, their additional comments, and their signature. They can also add their resume as an upload. It’s as simple as that, you have now created an HR actions form all the way from scratch.

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