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Attendance Exceptions with Scissortail HCM Software

April 25, 2018

The attendance board allows managers to see, in real-time, who is clocked in or out. An unlimited number of exceptions types can be created based on your business rules. They are typically automated for hands-off exception tracking, but if needed, managers can also manually add them to an employee record. Reason codes can be added to make exception reporting easier and exceptions can be sent to managers via email notifications.



This is Jessica Morency. The CS 3 technology tip for today is managing attendance exceptions in scissortail HCM. I recently satin on a demo that gave a great overview of this we join that demo in progress now.


So, while we're sitting here on the managers dashboard, you can see that I have an attendance board. This attendance board is showing me who's clocked in who's clocked out. This is going to be useful for those managers because, as the employees are clocking in throughout the day,in order to get your line started, you want to make sure everyone's there. So, you can come in and just kind of check this really quickly to make sure everybody is clocked in when they were supposed to be clocked in. And that—you know—your looking at this and you can start your line appropriately. This report is available in real-time, so as long as they're clocking in using a hardware device out on the plant floor, the system will be automatically updated with that information. And you can also set up permissions so that your managers only have access to use their specific employees information. So when they log in, they can only see their department and not anybody else's.


From this screen, if I need to report about a specific person that was out, would I do that from here, or is that somewhere else?


That's actually an automated thing within the system. Your managers don't have to do any sort of physical tracking of attendance issues—actually, if you look here, I have my exceptions report. I don't have anything flagged as absent right now, but if they were absent, that would flag here. But the thing with the absence is that you have to tell the system the rules for considering it to be an absence. So the system may not know until later in the day whether they were considered absent or if it's still waiting for them to clock in thinking that maybe they would be a tardy. If you wanted to go in and mark somebody, you could certainly do that, like I can go into Josh's timesheet, and I can jump to the exception, and I could give them an exception, and I could say this person is absent. You know, instead of being tardy today, they were actually absent. I can go in, and I could give them—I could flag them with certain exceptions, but you can also automate that process.So if you're ok with waiting for that absence to be done, maybe you want to consider them as absent after they've been out for four hours. Once that 4-hour threshold hits after their scheduled start time then it would appear here on the exceptions report.


You can add a reason codes to each one of the exceptions. So when an exception is flagged, you can put the reason for that exception again, just for reporting purposes so you can go and see what has happened to each one of those. And you're not limited in the types of exceptions or the number of exceptions. So right now you only see that I have tardy and left early and you saw the absent one. But I've had people say I have different stages of tardy, you know, if they are within the first 10 minutes, that's one type of tardys if there after 10 minutes late in between 10 minutes in two hours that's a different kind of tardy. So you can have different rules depending on your specific business needs. The other really nice thing about the exception tracking is that you have the ability to set up email notifications when exceptions occur. So the manager doesn't necessarily have to be sitting here looking at their dashboard all the time to understand these exceptions."

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