Add and Edit Dynamic Forms Checklists in Sage HRMS

May 26, 2016

We are going to look at how to add and remove forms from those checklists. If you want to add forms click on “administrator” > “my menus” > “DFC administration.” Next, click on “Add List” to add another checklist. Add a title and decide what sequence you want your employees to see it in. You can also add in start and stop dates if you want the form to be temporary. Once you hit “insert” the checklist will be added to the top.

To add forms to a checklist whether it’s a new one you created or an existing checklist, scroll down to the bottom of “Form Settings” and select “Add Form.” You can choose which checklist you want to work with, a form name, the sequence (if there are multiple forms), and then you have the option to choose when you want the form to be visible. You can also choose when you want the form to recur whether its annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Within the training list itself you can define when you want forms to be available.

Specific fields give you the ability to set specific business rules as to who can see the forms not just when it is accessible. Type in the department code then click on “insert.” The form will appear in the department you selected under “my action items.”

That concludes how to add forms to your HR actions dynamic forms checklist.

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