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Digital REnaissance

Leveraging technology is really about transformation

We are all part of the Digital Renaissance

When was the last time you dropped off film off at your local drug store or stood in line at the bank?  How many years has it been since you were tethered to a location with a telephone cord? Maybe never for some? We refer to this as a renaissance, because the transformation will continue. It wasn’t all that long ago the fax machine was the enhancement to U.S. mail.  Early electronic mail systems replaced the inner-office mail runs and Lotus 123 eliminated paper spreadsheets. Now all of these have been eliminated with modern online business suites such as Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and Dropbox.

Expected software Features in ####

“Best of Breed” is Out

Single Database is In

Interfacing various products together to get a full-featured solution is a thing of the past.  Older solutions have a minimum of 2 databases – and in some configurations, 6 or more depending on your requirements.  It is impossible to manage.

Built on a cloud-based, end-to-end workforce management platform, Scissortail HCM leverages one single platform built on one database, one employee record, one user interface, one user experience, one system that transforms your workforce.

Easy Data Access

No IT required

Most legacy solutions include a reporting tool called Crystal Reports.  Back in the day, it was really the only option, and it was technically free… it came with the product.  And it was a non-techie’s nightmare. Crystal was powerful and easy to use for an IT guru, but it was not designed for the typical HR or Payroll professional. 

Scissortail has an embedded reporting tool that was designed specifically for the non-techie staff.  This simple tool provides drop-down lists of pre-grouped data fields, allowing you to quickly create a new report, save it, and share it with other team members as you wish.  It takes about 15 minutes to learn this tool and begin transforming any data into useful information. 


Built-in, not Bolted-on

Promoting employee engagement with technology is a must have… especially these days.  Employees work everywhere – remotely, in the office, at a coffee shop.  If old legacy software even offered collaboration tools like Alerts and Workflows, it was by means of 3rd party add-ons such as KnowledgeSync that also required an IT-minded person to build and manage.  

Scissortail HCM has embedded, collaborative self-service functionality that transforms your workforce – wherever they are – into one team, all working together.  It empowers your team to handle many of their own HR and Payroll related tasks with workflow options designed for all types of users, from employees and managers to HR and Payroll Administrators alike. Assign appropriate access to EVERY employee… with no additional access charge.

You asked for a better HRMS solution and we listened. Scissortail HCM by UKG is the premier offering for new clients as well as the logical transformation for existing clients currently using older, outdated legacy products.

Transform your HR Systems

Compared to your old legacy solutions, there are so many outstanding features that Scissortail HCM includes to transform your workday from reactive to proactive.


Via Texts, Alerts, Notifications - Keep the Team informed

Automated Workflows

Ensure Critical Steps are Never Skipped

Paperless Systems

Truly End-to-end Paperless SYSTEMS


Single Database Enabling Realtime Data and Access

Data Visualization

Dashboards, Analytics, and KPIs

Employee Empowerment

Employee Self-Service Designed into Every Module

Ready for your Transformation?

Change is hard.  But when it’s time, it’s time.  The following recommendations will give you a clear path to move from your old, antiquated legacy software to the best cloud based solution, Scissortail HCM:

  • Limit investments in your legacy software or any needed 3rd party add-ons. Depending on the size of your initial purchase, you will want to set a cap on the amount of any future investment in this legacy product.  Certainly, anything that is a 5-figure investment is a red flag to look at other HR/Payroll alternatives.
  • No additional investments in hardware needed.  If the time is rolling around for a new server, it may be wiser to move to a cloud solution instead.
  • Budget for replacement within 3 years – or sooner.  Talk with your leadership team, with a clear return on investment as to why this transformation is necessary.  Better yet, let CS3 consultants help you with this.
  • Initiate a Scissortail HCM evaluation.