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Sage HRMS Best in Breed Solutions

December 6, 2020

Sage offers great integration which allows the ability to get the very best tools for each functional area of your HR Office.

First we have HR Actions which eliminates the administrative burden of paperwork by providing online forms, covering the entire employment lifecycle, for Sage HRMS.

These forms can be initiated by an employee, a manager, or a member of your HR staff.

Then Sage HRMS HR Actions electronically routes forms for approval and saves data directly into Sage HRMS. Use and customize the 40+forms included with Sage HRMS HR Actions or quickly build your own web-based forms without any programming.

Using HR Actions

  • You can accelerate transactions leaving you free to do the people part of your job.
  • Employee information is kept up to date in a timely manner
  • And members of your HR team can build dynamic forms without any programming skills
  • You can set parameters that display only the appropriate selections
  • The forms eliminate the higher risk of human error by dynamically updating Sage HRMS with your one click approval.
  • AND You always have control of the form with the ability to skip approvers of push the form through the process.
  • You can choose from more than 20 common (modifiable) form templates provided in the software to make your setup even easier.

Using Aatrix with Sage HRMS

  • You will have a replica of the most current forms displayed on your screen for review prior to filing.
  • Report scan be edited and recalculated from the screen
  • All reports can be printed on Plain paper and are signature ready for filing
  • OR you can efile using the Aatrix efile center

Cyber Train empowers supervisors, instructors, and employees by making information regarding classes, course requirements, programs, and certifications available through the web and not just through the HR department. This intuitive, highly automated, and powerful software is the perfect solution to help ensure that your employees receive the training they need on time, every time. Cyber Train is a robust self-service tool that manages the entire training process and can be configured to meet specific training needs, ensuring you remain compliant with your workforce, which in turn increases a company’s Return on Employee Investment(ROEI).

With Cyber Train you can

  • Manage and track training requirements
  • You can setup requirements based on Job Title or other unique factors
  • And you can track the schedules and class enrollment
  • Employees can use their Self-service login to maintain their own training requirements
  • You can even track credentials such as certifications, licenses and other items that would need to be renewed periodically
  • Managers have the ability to review and encourage their staff to remain on track with reminders and alerts

Cyber Recruiter Allows you to streamline your process by

  • Using the scoring tool to help you select the best candidates
  • Setup interactive email templates for consistent messaging
  • Use workflow alerts to keep your team in the loop and on track with the recruiting process.

Cyber Recruiter for Onboarding

  • Eliminates manual processes and paper forms (as well as potential human error during data entry)
  • New employees can review and digitally sign forms

Cyber Recruiter for Compliance

  • easily track and access EEO and other compliance reports.

Scissortail TLM

  • Automatically capture labor information via timeclock, web or mobile clocking options
  • Eliminates double entry of time using our pre-built time import to Sage HRMS
  • manages schedules, time off and even points systems
  • Approving time entries is completely customizable
  • There are a number of customizable reports built into Scissortail to track time worked and time away
  • You will easily control the labor costs with Overtime requests and system rules established by you
  • Workflows make  Approving time entries a breeze

Knowledge sync for alerts and workflow

  • Monitors Sage HRMS looking for onboarding and daily activities and will either alert you to complete tasks or will complete them for you.
  • Things like benefit enrollments, upcoming reviews, termination steps and compliance issues will be hard to miss knowledge sync is acting as your automated assistant.

Although There are other products available for more specific needs, these are the CS3 selection for the best inbreed SAGE HRMS products that our clients have found to be helpful no matter the industry.  


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