How to Add Custom Panel in the Ribbon Bar - Sage HRMS

February 12, 2014

This tip will work for both Abra Suite and HRMS clients. The first step is to have all users out of the system. Next, go under “System” and for HRMS it is “Customize Menu” but for Abra Suite users it is “Customize Abra Suite Menu.”

Next, we are going to add to the HR Ribbon Bar. Select “Detail” for “Activity” and then click “Add.” It will tell us any of our custom panels under “Detail” and I’m going to pick “Company Car.” It is going to add it to the “Custom” bar. You want to check the button to display it on the employee toolbar. You can add a customized icon and then create a status bar message with the name and click “OK.” It will take you back to the screen, and we are going to click “Add” again and change the detail to “Company Property.” Again, select the button to display on the employee toolbar, add an icon and status bar message.

When you are done adding all that you want, you can go ahead and click “OK.” The system will tell you it needs to rebuild the system files, and you are going to want to select “yes” to be able to see the changes next time you log in to the system.

When you log back into the system click on “Employees” > “View/Edit Employee” and then pick an employee. Now if you go under the “Custom” tab, you can see all the icons you added across the top rather than having to go to custom details. Now, it is quick and easy to access your custom panels. Keep in mind that if anybody can’t see one of these icons, be sure to check your security groups.

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