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WinSystems Relies on Sage HRMS to Cultivate an Employee-Centric Culture

“We have tailored Sage Abra HRMS to match how we do business. It has been a great vehicle for us and CS3 Technology has been excellent to work with.”

HR Department Manager

“It’s the longevity of our employees and low turnover that sets us apart,” said Mary Anne Winfield, SPHR and manager of WinSystems, Inc.’s human resource department. “We proudly celebrated 30 years in business in 2012.”

To celebrate this accomplishment, WinSystems hosted a week-long cruise for their employees and a guest. That dedication and appreciation of employees creates an atmosphere of team work and innovation that customers have come to rely on. Since their beginnings in a second-floor bedroom, WinSystems has been designing and manufacturing single board computers and expansion cards for industrial applications. “You can find our products in a variety of industries such as medical and transportation,” said Winfield. “Our products are designed to work in extreme environmental temperatures and are customized to work with our customer’s products.”

For the last three decades, WinSystems has fostered a culture that focuses on their employees. As the company grew, it became evident that technology could play an important role in employee development. In 2007, WinSystems hired Mary Anne who had a significant amount of experience implementing human resource systems. “We had a timecard system in place, but everything else was handled manually,” said Winfield. “There was a definite opportunity at WinSystems to automate processes, reduce duplicate work, move information into one central place and free up people’s time. We also had a long-term plan of giving our employees immediate access to their benefit and payroll information.”

Winfield began her search for a system that had the integrated functionality of enterprise systems she had worked with in the past and would have the ability to grow with WinSystems. She found CS3 Technology and Sage Abra HRMS. “We met with CS3 Technology and I was impressed with the amount of time they spent getting to know us, what our needs were and what our processes were,” said Winfield. “CS3 Technology did not talk about a solution until they understood our business. They were clearly interested in building a relationship with us from day one. This differed from other companies we talked to that had a cookie-cutter approach to system implementations. They just did not have the same personal touch that CS3 Technology did. I also liked that they were involved in the HR community.”

“CS3 Technology had a well-planned and defined project. We started with a kick-off meeting where we defined everyone’s roles and agreed to project milestones. We had dates for when everything was going to happen,” said Mary Anne. “There was a lot of education on Sage Abra HRMS, which was great. The process was smooth and when we were ready to go live, I felt completely confident.” WinSystems would implement a variety of Sage products over the years for a fully automated human resource system.

“It used to take me four hours to run payroll,” said Mary Anne. “Now it takes 45 minutes. I would have to print all of the timesheets, calculate everything manually, update PTO, and key payroll in. Now everything is automated including direct deposit. We don’t have errors in payroll and the employees are confident in our data.”

Next, WinSystems implemented the Sage Abra HRMS benefits module. “Everything was done on paper or spreadsheets. We couldn’t just pull a report. If I wanted any information, I had to pull files out of a drawer,” said Winfield. “Now reports are easily built. We can track and report on our benefits enrollment, billing, and deductions. Accessing employee’s benefit information is straight forward.” WinSystems uses Crystal Reports to create reports specific to their needs and in the exact format they want to view the data.

With streamlined processes, Winfield was able to focus on improving other areas of the company. She implemented employee kiosks throughout the building. These kiosks allow employees easy access to benefit information, payroll and employee communications. “Since I spend less time with tasks that are now automated, I am able to be more proactive in employee wellness, extending our corporate culture and ensuring our company has the very best health care options available.”

“Last year we went live with Sage Employee Service and HR Actions,” said Mary Anne. Like most previous processes, the time-off requests and the approval processes were all manual. “Now everyone can easily log in at a kiosk and request time off, view PTO and review benefits. At first, there was some apprehension to the change; now employees use it constantly. They like having control and we have received nothing but great feedback.” HR Actions replaced a rigid, web-based performance management system. Performance management is now paperless and Winfield can tailor the process.

“When you roll out a new system, there are so many variables. CS3 Technology was there to help me every step of the way. They are committed to our success,” said Mary Anne. “I also have had the opportunity to interact with Sage as part of their Customer Advisory Council, beta testing team and by attending their annual customer conference, Sage Summit. It has been interesting to see how much Sage invests in continued product development. The amount of resources Sage has dedicated is impressive. I have also been able to observe a close partnership between Sage and CS3 Technology.”

“As we grow and change we can see how Sage Abra HRMS can grow with us and we know that CS3 Technology will be there for us with great ideas and great insight,” said Winfield.

Client Information


Arlington, TX

Business Issues that Led to Need for New System

  • Mostly manual processes
  • Duplicate data entry
  • Data stored in multiple places
  • Manual payroll calculations
  • All benefits on paper
  • Reporting was cumbersome

Results of Implementing Sage HRMS

  • Confident in data
  • Payroll in 1/4 the time
  • Reports are produced quickly
  • Employee kiosks give access to employee-centric data
  • Performance management is paperless, tailored and streamlined
  • Streamlined processes allows for more time to focus on other projects

Impact of Relationship with CS3 Technology

  • Interested in building a relationship, not selling software
  • Took time up front to understand business processes
  • Tailored implementation approach
  • Heavy focus on education
  • Well defined project plan with milestones and role definition
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