Project Management that works to achieve that final 10%.

Project Management

CS3 provides trained and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP’s) to lead projects, thereby delivering reliable processes and techniques that are used to coordinate resources and achieve predictable results with increased value for our customers.

The excitement of a new initiative to improve your business is always received with great enthusiasm.  As the project progresses with added workload to daily routines, the enthusiasm can wane, sometimes being replaced with frustration or procrastination.  The final 10% is where the project comes together and where the greatest return on investment typically exists.  PM110™ ensures that 100% of your project milestones are reached.


Project management is both a science and an art.  It is science because it relies on proven and repeatable processes and techniques to achieve project success. It is an art because it also involves managing and relating to people as well as applying intuitive skills in situations that are totally unique for each project or client.  Good project management does not mean that there are no challenges, but rather that there are standard processes and techniques with which to recognize and deal with such contingencies.

CS3 project management methodology provides the tools, framework, processes, guidelines and techniques to manage the people and the work.  Every project is managed using a collaborative, web-based project management tool (Smartsheet®) that provides the client easy and consistent access to project documentation.  CS3’s project methodology has proven to increase the odds of delivering projects on time, on budget, and within scope, giving clients confidence in their project’s success.


At CS3, we monitor and measure project success according to five important measures: