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The CS3 Group: The Best 360-Degree Company Ever

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May 20, 2016



Sheri Blaho


I have had the privilege of working for Gary Crouch and Shawn Slavin for the past 10 years. Part of the continual improvement process at CS3 are company-wide assigned reading assignments. Our most recent book was “The 360-Degree Leader” by John C. Maxwell. The overall premise of the book is that one can influence all sides of an organization regardless of title or position. According to Maxwell the majority of leadership actually occurs from the middle of an organization rather than the top.

Maxwell addresses the three places of leadership:

Leading-Up is the process of influencing a leader. With the management team in place at CS3, they not only listen, but solicit and embrace ideas and wisdom from all team members.

Leading-Across addresses the middle of an organization. These leaders help peers (other leaders) achieve positive results…letting the best idea win. Again, with the culture at CS3 that truly listens and embraces ideas of others this allows great solutions to come to the top and allows team members to garner mutual respect.

Leading-Down is achieved with leaders at the top helping others realize their potential.

While this was a great book that I would highly recommend, it was really just a reinforcement of the leadership style that is part of the culture of at CS3. How fortunate I am to work at a firm that has long embraced 360-Degree Leadership and nurtures all team members.

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