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September 2020 Employee Spotlight: Jim Scheithauer

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September 4, 2020



Jim Scheithauer

What I Do for You

I have been working with CS3 Technology for very close to 17 years. Over the years, I have implemented and supported Sage Abra and Sage HRMS, but recently I spend most of my time supporting the payroll side of Scissortail HCM.  I’m really excited about the future with this product. But regardless of the products, I enjoy assisting you all and keeping in touch over the years. I have watched a lot of clients' kids grow up by seeing background pics and screensaver shows. Christmas time is the best for that.  

The CS3 Pillar I Find Most Natural — Be Authentic     

It took a lot of years for me to get to a resting place of “Just be me.”  I feel I am genuine and open. But back in the day—even though I was these things—oh, I wasn’t happy and didn’t think it was working. I've never shared this before, but a friend once called me a "sheep dog," one who basically watches out for and protects/cares for the people around them. It took me a while to grasp the thinking. What seemed like the most frustrating thing in my life is now my strength because I understand sheep dog mentality. I enjoy helping people and having relationships with you all.     

On a separate note:  Rhonda Siex (aka R6) and I occasionally refer to a Looney Tunes cartoon series from the 1950s that stars Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. "Good Morning, Ralph. Good Morning, Sam."  

What’s Been Happening at the Office 

What’s happening at the office? Well, I don’t really know, lol. I have worked from home the last few years. I only go into the office when it is requested of me to appear. It's interesting to note that it is only once or twice a year. Calm down! It’s just a joke. 

I do miss my co-workers/friends, whoever is willing to claim me. But the HCM team tries to get together for lunch once a week at Smitty’s Garage—Brandi’s favorite. Personally, I think she owns 50% of the place. But she still receives gift cards if you have any to spare.  

What’s Coming Up This Year

I decided to give up on my ability to predict the future a long time ago, but I think we will overcome even if there is a rough patch or two. With that said, we are expecting some extra hours to help you all implement the payroll tax changes related to the President’s executive order. Like you, we are waiting on direction from the IRS. I also would not be surprised to see some additional changes coming from Congress over the next few months.  

For CS3, we will all continue to stay busy with new implementations and serving you where we can.  

Exciting Things Outside the Office 

Well, with the situation we found ourselves in this year, I have not done any traveling as I normally do, alternating between the east and west coast. I tried to go to Colorado, and I have already canceled four trips. However, I do plan to take a week off soon and go to a quiet area in southeast Oklahoma called Broken Bow and Beavers Bend Lake. Unfortunately, I will not have my traveling companion Molly the Weimaraner with me, as she died a couple months ago. She will be very hard to replace but it’s probably time to get another.

Besides my traveling trips, I go to the dirt track races in Oklahoma. And, by the way, I go to watch and not drive yet. But look for me to appear at your local track someday, lol. Ok—so the issue is, the doors don’t open on the race cars, right? The toughest part would be to get in through the car door window. Maybe I could climb through the windshield, but definitely not the car door window. And if you've met me in person, then you are probably saying, “He got that right. He ain’t fitting."  

Hopefully, you chuckled at that one. I get paid for chuckles.  

Final Story About Me

Back in the mid-90s, I took a job as a bodyguard for a restaurant owner and the son of a tobacco grower. It was a fun time, or it was just funny. It goes back and forth in my mind. Do you remember Dudley Moore in the movie Arthur?  Oh, the restaurant owner was just like him. So many stories, but so few letters allowed. 

Anyway, he used to advertise on a top country music station, and we would either go to concerts (in limos by the way, I told you it was fun), or if it was a smaller artist, then “Arthur” would have them perform on the “Peppers Patio” at the restaurant. Anyway, during this time, I developed relationships with the DJs and got to meet a lot of country artists and go backstage. 

At that time, I would have given it all up just to go on the road from town to town, city to city, just to experience that life. But the two kickers are: I could not play an instrument, and I could not sing. Bad luck for a country artist wanna-be. As a matter of fact, there are laws in some states that prohibit me from singing—including the offices of CS3.

It was all good, though. Even after I left the job—remember "Arthur," lol—I still hung out with the DJs and the country artists and bands that came to the city.

Hey! I just thought of this:  I could have driven the bus!! I could have been a star! Guess it just wasn't meant to be.

The cartoon version of Jim

Me and Clint Black, Wow! I still had hair then


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