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Ryan Rahal: Jumping in with Team CS3

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February 23, 2018



Ryan Rahal

Hello, my name is Ryan Rahal and I am one of the newest members of the CS3 team and thrilled to be a part of the organization.

There has been so much to like about my first few weeks with the company from the very top of the organization on down. Every person within this company has been so welcoming and ready to help to ensure success in my role.

There are multiple aspects of the company that attracted me and I will highlight a few of them here.

o This is a company that is forward thinking and adapts with the changes in the industry and I think that is something that most every employee wants to be a part of.

o With over 20 years as a thriving company, CS3 provides a stable work environment that exudes confidence as each day goes by.

o Honesty is at the core of everything I do in my life. It gives me great comfort to know that honesty and integrity are set to the highest standard at CS3 and that business will not be conducted in any other way.


o I am a family man and I value time with my loved ones. CS3 places the word “balance” right in the middle of its vision statement and that instills a great work hard/play hard type atmosphere. When we are in the office, we work extremely hard for the organization, but it’s also important to have a solid work/life balance and CS3 clearly understands this making this the most desirable opportunity that I have ever experienced.

The leadership of this team is phenomenal. It goes without saying that Gary Crouch and Shawn Slavin set the tone for this culture and they are supported by tremendous professionals.  

Sheri Blaho and Brandi Clymer have made the onboarding process enjoyable, productive and educational. Many times, a company doesn’t have a plan for onboarding, that is not the case at CS3. Every detail has been thought of and I could not be happier with my decision to join this team.

I am looking forward to a long, fruitful career and I’m proud that it will be with this company.

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