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October 2019 Employee of the Month

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November 12, 2019



Gary Crouch

October –Jim Scheithauer


Spend Money As If It Were Your Own.

Clients expect to be billed for your expenses but spend wisely. For travel, always seek the most cost-effective alternative. For meals, eat as you would at home. Always give the client the option to save money.



Onsite visits to clients are of great value allowing us to see the client’s operations, renew or establish working relationships and hear firsthand what is important to the client.  With clients scattered from coast to coast, routine visits are not financially viable for the client’s budget or for CS3’s.  Jim found away to mix business with pleasure that made everyone happy.


Jim recently took a vacation: a road trip from Tulsa to Pottsville, PA to spend time with his family. During the road trip Jim mapped out stops to visit found different clients plus a visit with one of our remote coworkers. We could tell from the stories of the great tours of facilities and the conversations they had, Jim had a great time.   While Jim has a great rapport with his customers, getting to meet with them face-to-face has no substitute.


We got many reports from these clients about how much they appreciated Jim stopping by and seeing them.   We truly appreciate the creative way he managed some work hours along with his vacation.


With these visits Jim also exemplified a couple more Service Pillars:  “Know Your Audience” and “Be Authentic”.

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