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New Sage HRMS Updates You’re Not Taking Advantage of

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May 25, 2020

Brandi Clymer

There are a couple of very handy, user-friendly features Sage recently added into Sage HRMS 10.7405 that many people are unaware of. In particular, there are two new fields that I recommend you start using to make Sage even better for your daily needs.

To take advantage of these new fields, go to the Help Icon > About Sage HRMS, on the first screen.

First, you’ll see a place to add a Sage Customer Account Number. In this field, you can enter your account number with Sage, so it is easy to find whenever you need it.

Human resource management can move fast, and Sage knows that. You typically need your Sage Customer Account Number when you call in for support, and that information can be challenging to find when you are busy and in a hurry. The next time you see your account number on an invoice or email, I recommend you enter it into your help screen for future convenient use.

Second, you’ll see the License Limit Alert. This field will give you a warning when you are approaching your employee license limit.

In the past, when you reached your license limit, you were stuck and could not enter any new hires until you terminated some employees or got your new license. The process of getting a new license can take a few hours to a few days to complete, which can hamper your use of Sage in the meantime.

With the new License Limit Alert, you’ll be informed ahead of time when you are reaching the license limit, giving you time to address it. You can set the alert to whatever number you prefer. In the image here, you’ll see the License Limit Alert is set to 5. This means that if you have a license for 500 employees, when you enter the 495th active employee, you will get a warning.

When you get the notification that you are approaching your license limit, you can decide if you need to do some clean-up on terminations, or if you need to contact CS3 to increase your employee license count. Keep in mind the employee license count is based on Active and Leave of Absence employees only. The Terminated, Not Employee and Dependent Cobra employee types do not count toward the license limit.

Take advantage of these easy, convenient Sage HRMS new features  by setting them these two fields today. You will be glad you did.

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