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May 2020 Employee Spotlight: Dana Zodrow

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May 5, 2020

Dana Zodrow


Though my title is Office Administrator, like everyone else at CS3, I wear multiple hats and enjoy that I’m allowed to be in the middle of just about everything.  Accounting is my first job, so I’m the one sending you invoices, processing payments, performing collections, paying employees and vendors, and balancing the books.  I’m on the front-line intercepting support requests and distributing to the team, as well as tracking and updating your SERV/support plans and answering questions when I can (I am certainly no expert when it comes to software, so I totally rely on CS3’s experts to answer most questions).  Other than accounting, I get to plan events, organize the office, and support the teams with other various tasks.  Did you win one of the Smart Talks drawings?  I sent that prize to you!

Of course, CS3’s Service Pillar, Take Administrative Tasks Seriously, is my own personal mantra and like most Office Managers sometimes have to prod my coworkers to get those tasks done.   Administrative tasks are not fun and sometimes seem unnecessary, but if left incomplete can create undesirable consequences.  For example, your customer requires special paperwork in order to pay you, the vendor.  Without that completed paperwork, you will NOT get paid.  Eek!

It’s somewhat difficult to write this while dealing with a “stay-at-home” mandate issued by the state.  Like you, my work life is vastly different than it was a month ago.  I am going into the office once a week to check the mail, write checks, and deposit money.   Though most of my coworkers work remotely, this has been quite an adjustment for me.  I am an extrovert, love people and being around them.  I still talk to my coworkers, but I miss seeing their faces!  On the other hand, the pros of working at home include no 45-minute drive, hardly any gas expense, and no “getting ready” time.  I don’t like to admit it, but I am habitually late to work normally.  No matter how hard I try or plan, I tend to arrive late.  Since working at home, I’m early!  Some days I start at 7 am, but always by 8 am.  When I make the trip into the office, I hope to arrive by 9 am.  Notice I said hope.  Then when it’s time to clock out, no 45-minute drive back home!  Additionally, times are scary right now, all of us knowing someone or even ourselves affected by the Coronavirus.  I’m ready for normalcy again, mainly so I can hug on some folks.  What will normalcy even look like once we are not ravaged by this virus?  Since I have been forced to be more grateful, to bend easier, to be more patient, and love more, I continue to hope for the best and pray for all those affected by this terrible virus.

Because of the pandemic, it’s hard to see the future and plan for the year.  Like yours, our company is tightening its belt, unsure of the financial difficulties that we may encounter.  Fortunately, we have great leaders and though change is bound to continue to be a challenge this year, I have no doubt that we will bend as necessary and persevere.  

Just a few months ago, I was out celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and trick & treating with Woodrow (super cute nephew). Now, I’m spending lots of face time with Woodrow (sure do miss him), getting pretty good at ping pong (just call me Forrest), enjoying lots of snuggles with Sadie (the world’s greatest dog) and am constantly rearranging my home office. My house is cleaner than it’s been in years and home cooked meals are now the norm. I am looking forward to the day I can eat at Olive Garden again (love me some chicken gnocci), having a big party just enjoying being around those that I love, and nicer weather. I will continue to heed Gary’s (CS3 President) words to me: None of us know what we face, but we know we have favor. Job knew better than any of us where our ultimate support comes and declared, “Though he slay me, I will trust in Him”. His declaration was possible because he knew what Paul knew “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”. We will take life day by day supporting each other and relying on divine providence. Peace and prayers to all of you!

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