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March 2019 What’s New with Acumatica? – 2019 R1

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April 16, 2019



Juston Michealson

It’s been a big month for Acumatica after their 2019 Summit in February with the release of their first big series of updates for their xRP platform. Acumatica users enjoy consistent updates with no downtime twice a year titled R1 and R2 that bring with them a host of improvements that affect the core system, industry editions, and general user experience.

The 2019 R1 release packs a ton of great updates for existing clients and you can read more here:

Here is a highlight of some of the features:

  • Different Fiscal Year Start Dates for companies in the same tenant.
  • Project Budget Forecast by Period.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication.

And many more…

Read more about it at the link provided or give me or a member of the CS3 Team a call to learn more. Acumatica is the fastest growing ERP solution for the mid market for a reason and improvements like those listed above are keeping them ahead of the game. Remember that access to these features are free for clients and implementing them requires no system downtime.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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