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Jim Scheithauer - June 2019 Employee of the Month

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June 26, 2019



Sheri Blaho

CS3 Service Pillar Award: BE AUTHENTIC

June – Jim Scheithauer

 Authentic behavior is the most powerful quality we have as consultants. Authenticity is about undisputed credibility when you articulate what you are experiencing. In other words, express the emotions you feel without being emotional.


Jim has been with CS3 over 15 years.  He has developed incredible relationships with so many of his customers he is legendary.  Case in point, with the retirement of Sage Abra two of his customers have given the best compliment and recommendation that a consultant could want.  Southern Supply’s payroll staff are ready to move to another system ONLY if they have a product where Jim will continue to be their primary contact.  The team at First Financial Bank, while appreciative of all our team members, specifically requested that Jim continue to be their  “go-to” guy.  Examples like these warrant special recognition and Jim deserves as much.


How did he create such relationships?  First, he makes sure he always provides quality and timely support.  Second, he takes the time to understand the need and provides the best options.  This is not just a job for Jim, he CARES.  He knows all about their jobs and much about their personal lives.  Being authentic with all his clients, means he truly invests in their careers and personal successes.  Jim puts so many of our services into play with each client encounter.  He could teach us all some lessons on these:


Know Your Audience   -   Communicate   -   Be Authentic


Congratulations and thank you Jim!!!


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