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Implementing Acumatica Part 7 - Conference Room Pilot

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September 5, 2017



Sheri Blaho

Yesterday we did a “Conference Room Pilot” for our Sales Order process. We brought together one representative from each of the functional areas that is
involved with getting a sales order entered to the printing and mailing steps of the invoice. Then we went the entire process discussing the changes
to our business processes as a result of the new software. As usual (and fully expected) the longer discussions had little to do with the software
and to do with the process.

The Sales Order process to Accounts Receivable is intuitive. But, “who does what” and “how to we confirm” and “what are our audit points” took the
majority of our time. It was a great exercise and has us well prepared now to teach the rest of the team. We have the roll out training next week.
I will let you know how that goes. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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