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How to Clear "The System Was Unable to Lock Resources" Error Using Restart Maintenance in Sage HRMS

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May 13, 2019

Jim Scheithauer

It's possible that while running your payroll processes in Sage HRMS that you can get errors that prevent you from moving on with your work. This is unfortunate because it can take time to fix; time you are already short on! Luckily, if you ever run into this error, there is a simple list of steps that you can follow in order to clear the problem and get on with your work! So in this post, we will run through the steps and get you back to work quickly and easily.

Scenario: You are running a payroll process in Sage HRMS and you receive an error that kicks you out of the program. Maybe it’s a runtime error, or the server goes down or even an electrical outage that occurs during a Printing/Posting on your checks for example. After you log back into the Sage HRMS system you go to rerun the process and you receive this error:

Windows error dialog box

What has happened? Well, as the process was running and then interrupted, it created an error. And that now error will need to be cleared out before you can proceed.

But what can be done to clear the error and get you started up again? You can clear the error message by following the below instructions. Then after clearing the message, you will be able to go into your process and restart it. In our scenario, as you restart your print/post process, the system will pick up from where it left off.  

It's a simple process, just follow these steps to clear the error message and then restart your payroll process.

To delete out a Restart Record HRMS:

  1. You must sign on as the system administrator or with master rights to have access to Restart Maintenance and view the restart records.
  2. Select Payroll > Restart Maintenance (under tasks). See below screenshot.
  3. Once the Restart Maintenance Screen opens, use the navigation buttons to scroll through any restart records that exist to see what tasks/processes were not completed.
  4. Once you find the Restart Record and decide you no longer need the information or need to clear the error then delete the record by clicking Delete.
sage HRMS restart Maintenance

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