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How Culture Affects Us All - From the Return on Inclusion Summit

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October 19, 2016



John Burke

The Return on Inclusion Summit (ROI), sponsored by the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (TAHRA), is Oklahoma's largest professional diversity and inclusion (D&I) conference. Hundreds of executives, HR pros, and civic and nonprofit leaders attend this biennial event - and this year, I was part of it too.

Diversity and inclusion advocate Vernā Myers led an interactive, energetic keynote that will help leaders see themselves and those they work with as cultural beings, help them to identify areas where culture may be affecting team effectiveness and give them tools to build the type of culture and environment that will bring out the best in the people they are leading and serving. Vernā also discussed bias in ourselves and others and helped the audience learn not only how to address the verbal, written missteps and negative actions of others, but what to do if they make a mistake themselves.

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