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Focus on Acumatica

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June 21, 2018



Ryan Rahal

Acumatica is a brilliant cloud-based ERP software solution for the workplace. There is so much to learn when it comes to the importance of using the features of the software to its fullest.

Getting the most out of Acumatica requires ensuring that you document every piece of information with regard to a client file. By doing so, you have complete visibility throughout the entire history of the relationship.

Beyond the client documentation, Acumatica is terrific for tracking employee data and giving managers and employees complete transparency of their goals and actual performance.

Acumatica has a learning curve and I’m still wrapping my arms around it and I’ve probably only harnessed about 5% of its potential at this point. That said, it is also very intuitive and, with a little patience, will save lots of time and increase productivity.

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