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Does an Employee Self Service Portal include Coffee? Part 2

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September 25, 2019



Jessica Morency

In my last blog, I discussed what an employee self-service portal is. These portals give your employees one centralized place to go for all their administrative needs.

What are the benefits of an employee self-service portal?

Cost savings: One of the biggest cost savings you’ll see when implementing an employee self-service portal is the reduced labor costs for HR and Payroll managers. When employees and managers are able to answer many questions independently, it lowers the number of calls, emails and ‘drop-ins’ to the HR and payroll team. And because employee information is captured electronically and integrated with HR that means less time is spent manually processing, re-keying and filing employee change requests.

Paper reduction: Another key area of cost savings is the reduction in paper costs. By giving employees access to view and update information online, you’ll spend less money on paper forms. A good example of this is delivering electronic pay statements. Not only will you save time and money on the statements themselves, but you’ll also eliminate the need for stuffing envelopes, adding postage and mailing them. Instead, employees will be able to access their pay history 24x7 and only print a statement when needed.

Revenue generation: The second area of benefits to consider is revenue generation. With the ability to post links, a company might sign up with and place a link to on their self-service portal. Then whenever an employee "clicks through" to and purchases a book, the company would receive a small percentage of the price.

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