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​Does an Employee Self Service Portal include Coffee? Part 1

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April 2, 2019

Jessica Morency

Today’s Human Resource Managers are frequently being asked to increase efficiency and provide better services to employees in an effort to stay competitive in the marketplace and retain top talent. One way to do that is by implementing an employee self-service (ESS) tool that will make common administrative processes easy and stress free for both employees and managers. This type of web-based tool has become an increasingly prevalent trend in HR because it allows employees to handle many job-related tasks (such as viewing pay stubs or current benefit enrollments, updating personal information, requesting time off and accessing the latest company information to name a few) that otherwise would have fallen to management or administrative staff.

What is an employee self-service portal?

Easy to Access: Employee self-service portals give your employees and managers one place to go for all their administrative needs. It can be made available over your company's internet, through kiosks if employees don’t have regular access to a computer, or you can also choose to securely publish the website outside the firewall, making it accessible from home or mobile devices.

Customization Available: You can customize it to add company specific documents, web links, and single sign-on access to other web-based software solutions such as a time collection system, benefits enrollment provider or a learning management system. Employees can be given the ability to view and/or update information and managers can be granted the right to view and update information about their employees and to perform manager-specific tasks.

If you’d like discuss options for how you can add employee self-service functionality to your Sage Abra Suite or Sage HRMS, please visit our website here.

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