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December's Employees of the Month: Congratulations Sheri and Darrell

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September 25, 2019

Gary Crouch

Congratulations Sheri Blaho and Darrell Scott!
Look for Improvements.
Your relationship is based on trust and your ability to find and create solutions. Help your client identify needs they might not be aware of by looking past the immediate pain and finding the root cause. Propose solutions or further research with the goal of developing alternatives.

While December is a very busy month, it did not stop Sheri and Darrell from excelling as they LOOK FOR IMPROVEMENTS. We all know from experience implementing a new system can be challenging at best. The temptation is to cut back on expectations and simply “replace what we have” in order to minimize the changes and the learning curve. Sheri and Darrell resisted the temptation as the successfully led us through the GO-LIVE of our ACUMATICA CRM on January 4th.

I know both were here many late nights and weekends to make sure the target date was met and that our processes would be in place and even improved where possible. As we describe for our customers, with proper planning and training go-live should be a NON-EVENT. That is exactly what it was for CS3, no disruptions, no crisis, and no customer concerns.

Thank you to Sheri and Darrell for your great efforts and SUCCESS!

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