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CS3 Technology Behavioral Excellence Award

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March 12, 2019



Gary Crouch

CS3 Technology

CS3 Technology Behavioral Excellence Award Recognizes Consummate Professionals

Leading supplier of HRMS and ERP solutions, CS3 Technology, acknowledges its consultants who exhibit exemplary professional behavior.

Tulsa, OKFebruary 25, 2009  CS3 Technology, a leading professional services firm, announced the first winner of its Behavior Excellence Award. The firm has identified 18 essential behaviors or traits it believes lead to superior job performance. Each month, the firm will recognize the consultant who best represents one of those traits or behaviors.

For an organization to succeed in our marketplace, it must offer both outstanding products and exemplary service, said Gary C. Crouch, president of CS3 Technology. To achieve this goal, we have outlined a series of behaviors to guide our team in their business dealings.

Jim Scheithauer, a Sage Abra HRMS support professional with CS3 Technology, was named Januarys winner of the CS3 Behavioral Excellence Award in Authenticity. Jim has worked for the firm for five years.

Authenticity is one of the most powerful of the 18 traits, Crouch continued. Jim Scheithauer exhibits this trait by remaining true to himself and his nature as he provides direct and non-critical observations and recommendations to our clients. It is a delicate job to deliver constructive advice while not challenging a persons professionalism or sense of self worth. Jim is able to do this through his demonstrated desire to help the client, earning the clients respect as a professional and as an advisor. Were proud of Jim and fortunate to have him on our team.

Among the other essential behaviors the firm has identified are: a focus on customer value; projecting a positive attitude; communicate well; make the customer look good; and search for improvements for the customer.

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