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COVID-19 Response from CS3 Technology

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March 27, 2020

Gary Crouch

Greetings from CS3 Technology,

The CS3 team and I know these are trying times for each of our customers.  As individuals we are all concerned with the risks COVID-19 poses to our families, friends and coworkers alike.  As organizations and team members we are facing some combination of an unexpected slowdown, in some cases a complete shutting down, or a massive effort to fill the desperate needs of others who have been affected negatively.

We want you to know we are here to assist you and your organization.  Of our twenty four-year history, we have focused the last 10+ years on supporting our customers’ systems remotely.  While I dare not say we are business as usual, the CS3 team is working night and day serving where they are needed.  Our families have been affected by the virus and we know of friends who are also dealing with illness.  We want our families to be the priority and well taken care of, but where possible, those of us not directly affected are available to assist.

Massive legislation has been passed to provide various forms of relief.  We are working closely with those software publishers who need to update software as quickly as possible to meet the changes in regulations.  We at CS3 are reviewing documentation available to understand how we better assist you in the responsibilities you have to affected employees, obtain the benefits offered by the US government, and maintain your organization’s resilience.

If you need our help in any way, please reach out to us.  We will be glad to discuss your situation and help develop a plan for getting through this challenging time.  I know that together, we will get through these struggles.  However, we also understand the actions we take in the short-term can greatly influence our ability to rebound from this struggle.  

Our prayers are with you and your families.  Please let us know how we may help.

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