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Congratulations Jim: January Service Pillar Award Winner

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March 11, 2019

Gary Crouch

As part of our new Service Pillar Award program, the goal is to tie our current service pillars to an exceptional customer experience event. That is not always easy to do, as sometimes the right thing to do or say isn’t always the most popular.

Providing extraordinary knowledge that enables our clients success is the central purpose that drives CS3 Technology. One of our core service pillars is Engage in Knowledge Transfer – Knowledge transfer has occurred when your client is self-sufficient in their day-to-day operations. Multiple methods are employed including training, mentoring, hands-on experience, and interactions to insure success.

In January, I spoke with one of our clients that has had some challenges with staffing, technology, personal tragedies and several other internal struggles over the last year. I called to discuss a training manual that had been ordered direct from the vendor versus the one she was hoping to receive that CS3 had tirelessly created. When asked if the vendor manual would meet their needs, she adamantly told me she won’t rely on any information unless it comes directly from CS3 – specifically Jim Scheithauer. She shared that without Jim and the knowledge he provides on a regular basis, they would have been lost. For this client and many like them, Jim is a true lifesaver. She said, “Although Jim never toots is own horn, I think he hung the moon, the stars and everything else”.

In another instance, I recently received an email response to my follow up of a service ticket that was yet another example of a happy, and more knowledgeable, client after working with Jim. He told me, ”Jim not only fixed the problem, he had me watch in order to understand the principles underlying the problem (that I created!)”.

Jim never fails to impress us with his client mentoring, successful interactions and the overall knowledge he imparts on the people he works with on a day to day basis.

Please join me in congratulating Jim as the first recipient of our Service Pillar Award. Jim, thanks for helping us turn our clients in to true Raving Fans!

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