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Congratulations Jessica Morency - February Employee of the Month

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March 8, 2019

Gary Crouch

Show up Ready for Work. Study project information before you arrive. Have your materials (agenda, handouts, etc.) ready to go. Know what you are going to do this visit, discuss it briefly with the client as you arrive, then get to it.

Jessica has been spinning plates for several months. Not only has she been training a new employee, but she has also been learning a new job of her own. In addition, she has been through two or three winter blizzards which means she has to deal with the unavailability of child care at the same time.

In spite of all this craziness, Jessica Shows up Ready for Work even for her internal customers. One of the most important aspects of the sales position is making sure a project meets the needs of the customer while providing true value. With each new proposal she has brought to the Value Committee (her internal customers), she has presented the necessary details to assess the value the project brings to the customer and specific recommendations for where she believes additional value can be found. This provides CS3 the ability to maximize our potential and the customers’ results. Thanks, Jessica for preparing each proposal for maximum value realization. We appreciate it and so do our customers!

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