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August 2019 Employee of the Month - Dana Zodrow

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September 5, 2019

Gary Crouch

As our Accounting and Office Manager, Dana is tasked to keep the office running efficiently and well as coordinating administrative tasks for all staff members.  She makes sure that invoicing, contract management, vendor payments, time collection and payroll are completed correctly and on time.  During the past few months, she has managed to keep our entire operation running according to schedule while coordinating two major events.  We recently moved office space, which of course meant the coordination with multiple vendors. We also held our semi-annual company-wide meeting during this same time frame.

TAKE ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS SERIOUSLY - Administrative tasks are essential to the success of every project. This includes documenting project details accurately and on a timely basis.

Congratulations to Dana for bringing these two projects across the finish line with no interruptions with our daily/weekly/monthly activities.  The big plus:  she does all this with a continual smile on her face.

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