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Attaching Invoice Images in Sage 100 ERP

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May 13, 2019

Michelle Taylor

Beth Welch

One of the most routine requests of accounting personnel is to provide supporting documentation for Accounts Payable invoices.  Rather than digging through file cabinets and spending hours on end in front of the copy machine, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to access an invoice at the click of a mouse?  Did you know that Sage 100 ERP offers the ability to do this through the use of the Memo functionality?  The setup is very quick, and the reward is well worth spending the few extra minutes.  

Accounts Payable Invoice Attachments Setup

In order to invoke the functionality in Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry, a memo type must be established and role security assigned.  The steps to do this are as follows:

From the Main Menu navigate to Common Information>Main>Memo Manager Maintenance. Assign field settings as seen in the screenshot below.

  1. Set the Module to Accounts Payable
  2. Set the Memo Type to Invoice
  3. Select the User Role that will need to have access to this functionality.  
  4. Set Memo Options to Maintain
  5. Check the Auto Display box.
  6. Click Accept.  

Repeat these steps for all User Roles that will need to have access to this functionality.

Memo Manager Maintenance Dialog Box Screenshot

Finally, a file directory will need to be established on the server for storage of the scanned documents will be stored.

Attaching Scanned Invoices during Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry

Once the Memo Type has been created, and a centralized storage directory has been established, the users with the applicable security roles can begin attaching invoice images during data entry.

Navigate to Accounts Payable>Main>Invoice Data Entry.  

  1. Enter the Vendor ID
  2. Enter the Invoice Number
  3. Click on the Memo icon next to the Invoice Number field.

A/P invoice data entry in Sage 100cloud

  1. Type the desired Memo Code.
Note:  The Memo Code can be any 10 characters of the user’s choice.  
  1. Enter the Description
  2. Enter the Memo Date
  3. Enter the patch of the storage directory that was established on the server during set-up.
  4. The icon next to the file path will allow you to view the attachment for verification that it is the correct document.  
  5. Click Accept.

invoice memo maintenance in sage 100

  1. Once the document is attached the Memo icon will be highlighted yellow, as seen below in the screenshot of the Invoice Data Entry window.
  2. Click Accept
  3. Continue entering invoices. Once the entry is complete, proceed to post as normal.

A/P Invoice Data Entry dialog in Sage 100

  1. After the invoice has been posted, you can access it from the Invoices tab in Vendor Maintenance.

Vendor Maintenance dialog in Sage 100

Image by myrfa on Pixabay

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