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Acumatica - Why HTML Matters with your ERP

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December 15, 2014



Sheri Blaho

In 2012, Philippe Le Hégare ( the Interaction Domain Leader at the World Wide Web Consortium gave a presentation on the significance of HTML5 as a technology in the development of the web and make the point that HTML5 will become a standard in 2014.

We are now there and HTML5 has become the standard for presenting content via the web and has far surpassed the use of Flash – some might say in part because of Apple’s refusal to support Flash on IOS.

Now, I have never been an advocate for technology for its own sake, so then logic would dictate why should you place any emphasis on this technology discussion and give it your consideration.  Based on discussions with customers, it comes down to 3 letters – T C O – Total Cost of Ownership.  If you think about many of the things that you have been asking for are linked to secure remote web based access to the information that is in many cases, locked up inside your ERP system.

This, in itself is an interesting dilemma as
the promise of ERP was always about empowering your people, no matter where they sit and no matter if they were employees.  But many attempts to do this with "last year's technology"  have failed or at least been incredibly expensive to build and deploy.  This is where the new generation of Cloud ERP and Cloud Accounting Software with complete web based architectures have come to the rescue and are significantly driving down the complexity of implementing these systems and unlocking the business potential of your  business.

Take a look at Acumatica, our Cloud ERP solution…it provides the functionality that may vendors are still only  promising (maybe in 2 – 3 years from now,if then).  

CS3 is so excited about having this cutting edge technology in our portfolio.  Check out the various on-demand videos about this product.....right on the home page of our website.

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