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Acumatica Enables Client to Pivot Food Business Strategy in Pandemic

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January 20, 2021



Juston Michealson

We vet the solutions we represent very carefully with our customers' needs in mind as well as the future of the technology. We selected Acumatica 4 years ago to respond to the increasing need for a true cloud solution that could scale from small accounting-only needs to full ERP. We have had the absolute privilege of supporting accessibility and flexibility for our current Acumatica Clients and this news for Acumatica client FoodMaven further cements our confidence in Acumatica as a leader in Cloud ERP and partner.

FoodMaven's business has changed somewhat, as so many have, since the start of 2020. Its mission is to reduce food waste by connecting vendors to customers in a truly modern world. Their operation was a B2B market to connect surplus food stocks to businesses, colleges, hospitals, etc. At the start of the pandemic, they were faced with the challenge of a completely disrupted supply chain from farm to store to restaurant to the customer. Every level of the food-producing and buying process was affected. By quarantines, new demands for suppliers, and business closings at all levels. For so many businesses this year, a disruption this large would jeopardize their entire operation. FoodMaven had other plans.  

They made a plan to convert their B2B operation to a B2C supplier to connect with customers in need. Customers that were otherwise left without access to grocery stores or markets. FoodMaven was able to do this because they had a clear vision and their operation was entire on Acumatica. Acumatica's unique platform and licensing allowed FoodMaven to accommodate a larger group of their own employees in the system, a number of new customizations, and adding a large number of new customer transaction records; all without incurring massive fees and a huge timeline that typically accompanies a change this large. They were able to pivot during this pandemic and have been providing food to an entirely new market in need. 

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