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A Relationship between Demographics and Marketing

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July 28, 2016



Tina Crouch

This month’s Tulsa Chapter of the American Marketing Association meeting featured Jason George with the Tulsa Roughnecks. The Tulsa Roughnecks are heading into their second season at ONEOK Field in Tulsa. They’re now rebuilding their brand and connecting with new audiences.

George looked at new demographics of Roughnecks attendees, general demographics of Tulsa, and compared them to the demographics of attendees for national soccer club games. He described the process they went through adjusting their target audience through this comparison, as well as some demographic findings that were unique to Tulsa and the Roughnecks.

Currently, they are focusing on building their social media following for their new audience and looking toward new strategies for the future. Of course, and the core of their strategy is the use of analytics and research about their target audience.

So, when you’re looking at building a new brand that has a unique audience, it pays to compare and contrast national and local demographics and apply that knowledge to your marketing efforts:

  1. First, research national demographics
  2. Then, compare with local demographics
  3. Look at the behavior and needs of those demographics
  4. Tailor your marketing strategy around this knowledge
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